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Golden Girls Bea Arthur Rue McClanaghan and Betty White
Credit: Joe Seer/Shutterstock

By design, the stars of Golden Girls were already a bit on the older side when the NBC sitcom debuted in 1985. But over the course of seven seasons, the occasionally raunchy Emmy-winning comedy won its way into the hearts of millions, with streaming platforms (and memes) keeping the torch burning for an audience of all ages long after the deaths of three of its four central actresses.

So what’s the logical next step to cement the show’s legacy more than 25 years after its finale aired? Cereal. Thanks to a partnership with the pop culture mavens at Funko, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia have been immortalized with their very own box of Golden Girls-themed “FunkO’s.”

The whole thing is designed to evoke memories of Saturday morning television from back when the show was on the air. The multigrain cereal is essentially a monochrome version of Froot Loops, with thick “O’s” in a peculiar shade of blue. Maybe it’s some joke about blue-haired old ladies? Unclear. But the main reason to get your hands on a box is for the limited-edition collectible inside. From the looks of it, that takes the form of a Funko Pop of Rose Nylund (played by Betty White), a miniature figurine with a comically large, almost anime-style head.

If you want to get your hands on the only cereal based on an eighties TV show that’s still edible, you’ll only find it at Target. Our initial attempt to get our hands on a box was unsuccessful, but other GG fans seem to have had more luck.

Of course, if you’d rather skip the cereal thing and just collect some Golden Girls Funko Pops, a set depicting all four leading ladies is available at Walmart, and possibly other retail locations as well. If you need your Nylund nostalgia to have more of a culinary focus, a collection of Golden Girls hot sauces and a cookbook is out there as well.

Who knows how long the cereal will stick around, so your best bet is to grab some while you can. Hopefully Who’s the Boss?-themed breakfast food is on the horizon.