The Total Divas star visited parents of newborns in the NICU who were struggling and needed donor breast milk.

By Faith Brar and Lauren Mazzo

WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella is proving she's not just boss in the ring, but also a champion for new moms like her, too. The Total Divas star has been breastfeeding since giving birth back in May. (P.S. She reportedly needed a C-section because her abs were “too tight.") And while she's able to feed her daughter Birdie Joe on her own, she recently realized that many mothers don't have that option. In a clip from Wednesday's new episode, the 34-year-old visited a local hospital NICU where she met the parents of twin boys who just started accepting breast milk donations.

"We decided to do donor milk right now, to accept it because, well, I just started trying to pump and I just get a little bit," the boys' mother explained in the preview. "We know that it has a lot of nutrients and it's gonna help them a lot, with their growth and development." (Plus, breast milk can cut your infant's risk of SIDS in half.)

The clip revealed that the newborns, Pablo and Hector, will be in the NICU for six to eight weeks, according to the father. Being a twin herself, Brie felt a personal connection to the parents and decided to help out. "I have extra milk and I don't want it to stay in my freezer forever till I have to throw it away," she shared. "If babies can benefit from it, then I want to do this."

Brie also met with Pauline Sakamoto, executive director of the Mothers' Milk Bank, an organization that collects and distributes donated breast milk to babies in more than 100 hospitals in the U.S. "Bless you both for having such a healthy infant, because my day, every day, is working with families whose babies are struggling," said Sakamoto in the clip.

Research shows that breast milk and donor human milk is nutritionally the best choice for the most fragile and vulnerable infants in the NICU, according to Mothers' Milk Bank. Breastfeeding can be difficult for many moms (just like this woman who shared her honest breastfeeding struggles on Instagram), and Mothers' Milk Bank reports that many infants can't ingest formulas without undue stress, pain, gastric upset, or allergic reactions. That's where donor milk comes in.

And Brie isn't the only woman publicly sharing her breast milk donation story. This woman donated her breast milk to victims of hurricane Harvey, and other moms who lost their infants are donating gallons of their milk to help other babies who need it. (Let's be clear though that if you can't or don't want to breastfeed, that's totally OK, BTW.)

Before leaving the NICU, an emotional Bella embraced the twins' mom while the father turned to her and said: "You're going to help a lot of babies." She replied: "It makes me so happy to know."

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