Whose Line Is It Anyway? star Colin Mochrie had the perfect response for online trolls after they brutally harassed his daughter.

By Robyn Merrett

On Monday, the 60-year-old comedian wished daughter Kinley a happy birthday on Facebook. “Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! 28 years old and everything we’ve ever hoped for in a child,” Mochrie captioned a photo of himself with Kinley and his wife Debra McGrath.

Shortly after, Mochrie’s comment section began to fill with both nasty and hateful words directed at Kinley.

In response, Mochrie wrote “To the trolls, my thoughts and prayers to your body for losing it’s mind and soul so tragically.”

His response was met with praise from many fans.

“I’m a trans woman, and today is the first day my mom called me her daughter. Thank you for being supportive of your daughter! Supportive parents make all the difference,” one user wrote on Facebook.

“The trans community needs more parents like you!! She is very lucky to have two very supportive parents,” another fan commented.

Another fan added, “I always liked you on whose line but your family-centered life and support for LGBTQ community makes me admire you even more.”

“Thanks to the fans of this page for being supportive and human,” Mochrie also said in his response.

Last year, Mochrie admitted he was worried about his daughter’s “life change” and people’s acceptance of it. “God, let her be safe,” Mochrie told CBC when asked about what his first thought was when she told him she was transgender.

The star said he too was afraid of the change at first. “You go through this thing ‘now my child has changed gender, does that mean that previous child is now gone?'” Mochrie told CBC.

However, he later revealed “it’s the exact same kid” with a “different coat on.”

As for how Kinley felt about transitioning and how her parents would react, she said: “It took some time but I knew that support and acceptance was on the other side.”

Kinley transitioned in 2016 and the following year her father told fans of his daughter’s decision by tweeting: ‘My 90-yr-old mother-in-law and 87-yr-old mother love and acceptance of our trans daughter warms me. Wonder why some who are younger can’t.’


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