The results are based on a survey of people who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa.

home christmas decorations
Credit: David Land

When it comes to the holidays, everyone chooses their own ways to celebrate. When decorating, some prefer traditional items, and others like to do something more unexpected. For holiday dinner, some people prefer roasted turkey, but others enjoy glazed ham. (Oh, and don't forget about the side dishes; seems no one can agree on which one of those is the best.)

The preferences go on and on, but one decision can be surprisingly divisive: Do you wait until after Thanksgiving to put up your holiday decor, or do you deck the halls before? Here's what people said about their holiday decorating habits.

The people at YouGov surveyed 1,959 celebrants of Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa about when they put up their holiday decorations:

  • A quarter of respondents said they decorate the day after Thanksgiving
  • 24% put up their decor after Thanksgiving but before December begins
  • 13% set out their decorations in early December
  • 5% begin decorating in mid-December
  • Just 1% waits until the week of the holiday

But if you're someone who just can't wait to get festive, there are plenty of others who share your passion. Of those surveyed, 14% say they decorate in mid-November or before Thanksgiving. Another 9% decorate in early November, and 4% do so on Thanksgiving. A small number of people trim their trees (and their homes) even earlier, with 2% of people decorating on Halloween or a few days after, and 2% beginning in the days before.

This survey seems to indicate there's no real consensus about the right time to show off your holiday decorations. So if the mood strikes, unpack that decor, and show off your holiday best.

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