What's this? What's this?

By Caitlin White
September 10, 2019
Courtesy of Disney

Here we were, just sitting here scanning through rag doll makeup for our Sally Halloween costume when we were hit by the news. Vans is launching a The Nightmare Before Christmas collection, and it feels like Halloween just met Christmas morning.

The classic sneaker brand announced the upcoming collection on its Instagram on September 9th. It’s a short teaser, but it could give us some sneak peeks into what we can expect. We’re seeing shades of purples in the iconic Vans checker-print pattern, bats flying around, and a cameo from Jack Skellington’s beloved pet ghost-dog, Zero.

The Nightmare Before Christmas x Vans coming soon,” is all the brand is ready to say in its caption.

We’ll keep you posted on the collection and its release date, but hopefully “coming soon” means very soon. We trust Vans to deliver something killer, since some of our most beloved franchises have seen success in its hands. The magical Harry Potter x Vans collab was teased in a similarly sparse way, and then ended up giving us incredible prints for sneakers, backpacks, and clothing. (We’re still thinking of those “Carrie Bradshaw newspaper dress meets Harry Potter” Daily Prophet sneakers.)

And it’s not even Vans’ first time taking inspiration from Disney movies. The brand launched a throwback Mickey Mouse collection that was super cute. Plus, we know it can be totally creative. Remember the Vans x Van Gogh collection or the newer Frida Kahlo one? Gorgeous.

It’s been 26 years since The Nightmare Before Christmas was first released, but it’s having a real moment in 2019.

Disneyland announced a brand new The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Halloween party this year, dubbed the Oogie Boogie Bash. You can party, hit up villains-inspired shows, and even rock Oogie Boogie mouse ears. And have you scouted Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween schedule? The Nightmare Before Christmas is airing a whopping 10 times.

What we’re saying is you could be sitting on your couch in Jack Skellington Vans and Oogie Boogie mouse ears, watching The Nightmare Before Christmas 10 times this Halloween season. All of our spooky dreams have come true.


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