Ugly Halloween sweaters are going to change the way you dress up for Halloween.

By Colleen Kratofil
October 23, 2018
Pumpkin Sweater

Ugly holiday sweaters have totally taken over the holiday season. There are themed parties, “ugliest sweater” contests and even celebrity designer collections (have you seen Whoopi Goldberg’s line of witty and whimsical sweaters?), and now the trendy pull-over is getting a spooky Halloween makeover. is offering a huge selection of adorably hideous Halloween-themed sweaters featuring a variety of skeletons, pumpkins, vampires and witch motifs. There are seven different designs for adults which retail for $39.99, and three designs for kids, priced at $29.99. (The one above is the "pumpkin patch" style.) They take the “lazy costume” trend to the next level while still imparting the exact right note of festive irony to any event.

Skeleton pumpkin Sweater
Credit: Courtesy

A few of our favorites include the ripped skeleton design and the spooky red and black blood-dripping vampire sweater. (And the hipster in your life could probably get away with pulling off this rainbow monster-theme sweater year-round.)

Vampire Blood Sweater
Credit: Courtesy

And if a Spirit Halloween opened up near you in the last week (and we know it did), they’re also in on the game, releasing three (slightly simpler, but in the same vein) sweater designs that are perfect to be worn with leggings and, if you’re really feeling like making an effort, a pair of heels.

Skeleton Scary Pumpkin and Black Cat Sweaters
Credit: Spirit Halloween

Buy It! Skeleton sweater, $32.99; / Jack O’Lantern sweater, $34.99; / Black cat sweatshirt, $26.99;

The reaction to the new crop of holiday apparel has been very positive. Many fans have expressed their excitement on Twitter, writing that they’ve already ordered the festive knits.


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