The Internet's latest obsession? Debating how many "Chuggas" come before "Choo Choo."

Thomas Tank Engine Train
Credit: Destination/Gullane Pics/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

The great “chugga” debate is on.

The Internet has questions, very important questions. And social media users are devoting their time to determining just how many times to say “chugga” before bellowing “choo choo.”

It all began on Reddit when a parent with the username @baption0 asked the question in the “Too Afraid to Ask” group, writing, “I’ve always said two, but now my kid is saying three. However, my kid’s preschool teacher says one and it pisses me off that there arent enough chuggas for a choo; how’s the train supposed to go anywhere?”

Naturally, Reddit users chimed in, giving answers like four, eight, and even 12. And some were simply tickled by the question.

One person wrote in the group: “This has got to be the most innocent question ever to be posted in this thread.”

Soon, the debate found its way over to the Twittersphere, where social media users had differing opinions on the subject.

“CHUGGA CHUGGA YAH GET 2. FIGHT ME,” one person tweeted. Another wrote: “I say chugga 8 times before I say choo choo, how many times do you say it?”

Some took a more serious approach to the question, explaining how they came to their multi-chugga conclusions.

“It depends on the cadence and timing of the “chuggas”. Also, what do you consider one ‘chugga’? Some people might say “chugga-chugga” as one ‘chugga’ (again, cadence) but if you consider that to be two “chuggas” then the count would get out of hand fast,” a user wrote in a tweet.

A popular children’s book seems to give some insight. In 1999, Kevin Lewis released Chugga-Chugga Choo Choo — using only two “chuggas.”

Although the Internet couldn’t seem to agree on a number, we know the truth. It’s four. Four “chuggas.”