Cobra Kai tops this year's list of most-searched Halloween costumes. Find out what else is trending for adults, kids, babies, and dogs.

By Lauren Phillips
October 09, 2020
halloween bucket of pumpkin wearing mask
Credit: Getty Images

Every October 31, people self-sort into one of two groups: Either you scramble for some last-minute Halloween costumes or you start planning weeks in advance, with careful research, shopping, crafting, and more to make sure you have a memorable costume.

Halloween 2020 may be different than those of years past—though you can learn how to celebrate Halloween safely during coronavirus—but costumes are almost guaranteed to still be popular, either for small family celebrations, socially distanced outdoor gatherings, or virtual video parties. (There are so many things to do on Halloween beyond going trick-or-treating—and those Halloween movies on Netflix aren’t going to watch themselves.)

If you’re still interested in dressing up this Halloween but aren’t sure what to dress up as, look no further: Google just released its data on the trending Halloween costumes of 2020 with the annual launch of its Frightgeist platform, which tracks in-the-moment costume searches, and there are plenty of great costume ideas anyone can try. This data is based on trending Halloween costume searches in September 2020, so it’ll reflect what people who plan ahead are researching and thinking about as they prepare their costumes.

At the top of the list for the top Halloween costumes of 2020 is Cobra Kai, the Netflix show that serves as a sequel to the classic Karate Kid movies. You can expect to see plenty of people dressed as black belts this Halloween. (If you want to get in on the trend, it’s not too late to watch Cobra Kai on Netflix.) Other trending Halloween costumes include dungeon master, The Mandalorian, space cowgirl, Belle (as in the beauty of Beauty and the Beast), and Marshmello. One note: If you’re going to try one of these, be sure to incorporate a mask into your costume somehow—our ideas for Halloween costumes with masks can help.

Trending Halloween costumes for kids searches in 2020 include Supergirl, flamingo, and Hocus Pocus–inspired looks. Witch and Glinda (of Wizard of Oz) also made the list, so you’ll likely see plenty of little witches casting spells on and around Halloween.

Beyond the simple top trending costumes, Google released data on the most-searched couples costumes, pet costumes, and baby costumes in 2020. These costumes may look the same year after year, but they’re also the most popular Halloween costumes because they work so well.

For couple’s costumes, Bonnie and Clyde, Lilo and Stitch, and Cosmo and Wanda (of The Fairly OddParents) are set to be the most popular couple’s costumes of the year; Lydia and Beetlejuice, Mario and Luigi, and Sharkboy and Lavagirl also made the list.

If people couldn’t get enough of their pets in 2019, 2020 has been the year of total pet obsession (which is never a bad thing). People plan to celebrate their pets this Halloween with cat taco costumes, by dressing Corgis up as stegosauruses, and by turning their dogs into Chucky. (Look up Chucky dog costume—you’re almost guaranteed to laugh.) Other top pet costumes, dog costumes, and cat costumes for 2020 include Beetlejuice, Yoda, Stitch, Pumpkins, Spiders, and Lions.

According to Google’s data, baby costumes are very animal heavy this year as people search for ideas for their tykes for Halloween. If Google searches stay the same, the most popular baby costumes in 2020 will be a shark, Yoda, or a pumpkin. Other popular baby costumes include dinosaur, chicken, tiger, bat, and lion.

There’s no guarantee that these will bethe most popular Halloween costumes this year—Google’s constantly updating Frightgeist page already shows a few differences from this data—but Google’s search data reflects what people are searching for in the month leading up to October, and what people search for reflects what they’re interested in. Chances are, you’ll see plenty of the trending costumes listed here in pictures, through video calls, and more this Halloween.