Arietta-Grace Barnett died on July 9, 2019 after suffering bleeding and cardiac arrest.

By Gabrielle Chung
November 06, 2020
Arietta-Grace Barnett
Arietta-Grace Barnett
| Credit: gofundme

Authorities in England are calling for a further investigation into the death of Arietta-Grace Barnett, a child who died a week after she was released from the hospital for swallowing toilet cleaner.

The 2-year-old was first admitted to Southampton General Hospital on June 28, 2019 when she began vomiting a "bright pink" liquid, the BBC reported.

Arietta-Grace was discharged on July 2, 2019 when doctors believed her condition was improving, according to the outlet. However, the toddler was taken back to the hospital on July 9, 2019, where she died after suffering bleeding and cardiac arrest.

The coroner, Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, said in a recent inquest that Arietta-Grace was believed to have swallowed a Toilet Duck gel capsule designed to stick to the toilet bowl and slowly release its chemicals, Sky News reported. Rhodes-Kemp added that it was unclear why the Arietta-Grace's vomit was pink when the capsule she was suspected to have swallowed had a blue-green color.

"The difficulty we have here is a connection between that product and what happened, and it seems to me that needs further investigation," she said during the hearing, The Guardian reported.

"It is designed to stick to a wet surface and not to be flushed through by water," Rhodes-Kemp said, according to the outlet. "If it does contain agents that can cause this sort of corrosion and this sort of death in a child then it’s very important the manufacturer is aware of that, can investigate themselves, and steps can be taken to prevent this tragedy occurring again."

Simon Keys, a pediatric surgeon, said at the inquest that if a chemical inside the capsule was responsible for Arietta-Grace's injury, it would be "the first time it has happened in the world."

"It’s a tragedy clearly, it has wide implications for everybody in the medical community treating people with this type of injury and for the people making these products," Keys said, according to The Guardian.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up in support of Arietta-Grace's parents.

"As many of you know my brother and sister in law lost their little girl Arietta-Grace in July last year," the page's organizer wrote in the description. "What you may not realize is that their pain is still on going- they now have to face the inquest into the circumstances around their daughters death and have to hear the reasons why the doctors in charge of her care acted the way they did. "

The organizer said that any funds raised will go toward legal fees "to make sure those in charge of Arietta-Grace’s care answer the questions we all have and to ensure no question goes unanswered."

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