Her dialed-back workouts also helped relieve her postpartum anxiety.
Woman Doing Home Workouts
Credit: antoniodiaz/Shutterstock

Ashley Sneddon, a mom of two, recently shared a photo of her weight-loss transformation 14 months after she gave birth. She looks amazing—but it’s her workout routine we’re really interested in.

Sneddon originally tried to commit to 60-minute workouts 6 days a week to shed her postpartum weight, but it left her feeling stuck. “It was so time consuming for a busy mom with two little babes—one of those being a newborn at the time," Sneddon wrote in her post. "The Mom guilt was REAL! Plus, I wasn’t seeing the results that I did after baby number one and I was just getting SO frustrated."

So she decided to make a change that worked better for her lifestyle and mindset. Instead of trekking to the gym for an hour, she now works out at home for only 20 minutes a day. “I squeeze in my workouts before the kiddos get up, during nap time or even while they play,” wrote Sneddon, saying it helps her be a better mom while still feeling good about her health.

The 20-minute workout is not only easier to commit to, but it's made her feel healthier and happier. Sneddon encouraged her followers to make a change and stick to it, and she reminded them to “be proud of yourself every step of the way” and “don’t compare your journey to anyone else and just keep going!”

Her dialed-back workout routine has also helped with her postpartum anxiety. About 10% of moms develop postpartum anxiety, while about 15% are diagnosed with the better-known condition postpartum depression (PPD), according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Celebrity moms like Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow have helped build awareness around PPD, yet postpartum anxiety is still relatively unknown. Women with postpartum anxiety experience symptoms such as a racing heart, intrusive or obsessive thoughts, and paranoia.

Moms like Sneddon are spreading the word about postpartum anxiety just by sharing their own experiences. And her choice to cut down her workouts is a great reminder to do what works best for you and your health journey.