Three women, three amazing weight-loss success stories!

Woman Running Exercise
Credit: Andrew Tanglao/Unsplash

There's no one right way to lose weight; what works for one person can be vastly different than what helped another shed pounds. That's what a woman named Keila realizes after she, her sister, and her mom embarked on a weight loss journey together.

Each used their own method—and after a year, they lost a combined total of 154 pounds.

Keila, who runs the Instagram account @keilas_journey, is chronicling their journey on Instagram. Between weight-loss update posts, she recently mixed in some before-and-after family photos that demonstrates just how successful each woman has been.

So how'd they do it? Keila credits eating healthy and running for her results, and she said her sister is doing Weight Watchers. Her mom, who has diabetes, is walking daily and watching her diet.

“This goes to show ya that no matter your circumstance and age it can be done!” this mom of two captioned the before-and-after. “No excuses y’all. The biggest and scariest decision is the decision to try… You are more capable than you think. Take that leap!”

As she documents in her posts, Keila has lost 55 pounds since starting her weight loss regimen in early 2017. She frequently shares images of her meals, which feature healthy swaps like zucchini noodles and coconut aminos.

In a post shared a few days before her family tribute, Keila opened up about her running habit. “Most of you know my story... Married, two kiddos, fluctuating weight, miscarriage, more weight gain, depression, anxiety,” she wrote in her candid post. “What most people don't realize is that I LOVE running because, I believe, it saved me.”

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