One family took their prank war to new heights.
Air New Zealand Plane Flying
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Some pranks are just worth the extra effort.

Bridie Connell and her dad have had a bit of a prank war going on for the last 15 years. The pranks consist of one person saying “pinch and a punch, first day of the month,” before the other one can say it, followed by a light pinch and punch. She explains her “war” on Twitter.

It’s a little like “jinx,” only you don’t have to call it out when you accidentally say the same thing at the same time as the other person. And no one has to say completely silent until they buy the other person a Coke.

Connell wrote on Twitter that, usually, the prank war is pretty tame, though it can sometimes escalate quickly.

According to the New Zealand Herald, this little war had yet another battle that played out on Connell’s Air New Zealand flight on May 1.

Connell was flying to New Zealand from Melbourne, Australia for her cousin’s birthday. Naturally, it being the first of the month, Connell planned on serving up another “pinch and punch” prank to her dad before she left, but decided it was a little too early to call her parents’ house before her flight. Instead, she decided she was going to call out a “pinch and punch” when she landed, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Big mistake.

As Connell sat down for her flight, a flight attendant handed her a folded letter. Inside, lo and behold, was an epic “pinch and punch” from her father, hand delivered.

Her father wrote a note saying, “I can’t wait to see you, and I know you’re going to be very thrilled and excited when you see me! By the way, whilst I remember… Pinch and a punch for the first of the month! No returns!”

The “no returns,” is kind of like a “no backsies” rule. It basically means she can’t “pinch and punch” him back.

Well played, Dad.

But perhaps the most frustrating part is that the phones had to be turned off for the flight’s take off. What a cruel fate. But Connell had to be impressed with her dad’s forethought.

She spent the last three hours of the flight plotting her “revenge.” It’s unclear what she had in store for dear old dad.

Luckily for Connell, the prank wasn’t all bad. Air New Zealand also upgraded her seat to premium economy (probably out of guilt, she said).

Air New Zealand isn’t the only company in the travel industry that enjoys a good prank. Southwest also managed to out-wit a troll on Twitter back in 2017.