The collar is the latest offering from the company MSCHF, which is known for creating viral products.

Dog Wearing Translating Collar

Your dog’s bark will definitely be worse than its bite with this new accessory.

The $60 Cuss Collar, a viral new product from the company MSCHF, translates dog barking into profanity. Every time your canine barks, the speaker on the dog collar will say a curse word — giving even the politest of pooches a potty mouth.

video on the company’s website shows the collar in action, spewing out words like “F—!” and “Bulls—!” at the same time that the dog barks.

The collar — which is made out of patent leather and features a stainless steel buckle — is currently sold out, but those interested in purchasing the gadget can text the number given on the Cuss Collar website to be informed when the product is restocked.

The company also warns that the collar is not intended to be used for any type of training, including anti-bark training.

According to its website, MSCHF appears to drop new products every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. The company has made a name for itself selling viral gadgets similar to the Cuss Collar, including a bath bomb in the shape of a toaster and a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix at work by making it look like a conference call.