Make some time for the two of you.

By Caroline Rogers
Updated November 03, 2020
Mother and Children Baking for the Holidays Wearing Santa Hats
Credit: Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock

The holidays are filled with special moments spent with family and friends from near and far, but there’s one person you should always be sure to make time for, and that’s your mama. We’ve learned (from many, many holidays past) that our mamas are always busy with holiday prep. When December arrives, so does the constant prepping, baking, shopping, traveling, and celebrating. With so much going on, the holidays tend to slip right past, and before you know it, it’s New Year’s Day.

But not this year. This year, if we're lucky enough to get to spend time with her, we’re making plans with Mama. We’re going to be intentional about making memories with her and savoring every moment spent with our families this holiday season. From unwrapping gifts to sipping cider, there are plenty of small moments that can add up to the best holiday ever, so start now and make some fun plans with Mom this year.

Take a Day Trip

There’s always time for a quick girls’ trip. Sneak away with Mama to do some last-minute shopping, grab lunch, or wander an antiques store. Slowing down and getting away for a few hours will provide both of you some much-needed together time away from the hustle and bustle of holiday prep.

Decorate the Tree

Unless Mama has already decorated her tree, that is. Unpack the ornaments collected throughout your childhood, and get that tree holiday ready. (And, while you’re at it, get out the video camera. Mama has stories about all those ornaments, and you’ll love re-watching the videos with her for years to come.)

Wrap Presents Together

No one wraps a gift like Mama. A sprig of rosemary here, an artfully curled ribbon there—she has vision. Wrap with her this year, and you’re sure to learn a few tricks that will make your presents look professionally done.

Sip Cider and Tell Stories

A mug of steaming cider is your best hope at convincing her to sit still for a few minutes. (You know Mama’s always moving.) Wrap yourself in a cozy scarf, grab the rocking chairs, and tell her a story she doesn’t already know. Ask her to tell you one too.

Bake Something New

Mama loves a challenge, and while her holiday table is sure to be filled with traditional recipes, she’s also game to try something new. Dive into the recipe box, find an exciting dish neither of you have made before, and start making memories in the kitchen.

String Popcorn Garlands

Mama did this with her siblings growing up, and she’ll love to keep the tradition going with her kids and grandkids. Popcorn garlands are a classic craft that keeps giving all season long—they look just lovely wrapped around a Christmas tree, hung from a mantle, and strung from a banister.

Learn One of Her Favorite Recipes

You can bet that Mama’s favorite recipe isn’t written on paper—not all of it, anyway. Most of the essential steps and substitutions for her classic ambrosia or family-secret chicken pot pie are stored in her brain, not her recipe box, so watch her make her favorite dish (and take notes!) this season. While you’re at it, make copies of her treasured recipes to share with your siblings and to practice throughout the year. Once you master Mama’s favorite dish, you can surprise her with it for her birthday.

What plans are you making with your mom this holiday season? Do you have any special traditions the two of you share every year?