You can find them on Ebay for more than $100, but Amazon has them for a quarter of the cost. Here’s where you can find ceramic Christmas trees in different colors, sizes, styles, and price points.

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Ceramic Christmas Tree and Ornaments
Credit: graja/Shutterstock

If you grew up before the 2000s, you likely remember having a porcelain or ceramic Christmas tree in your home, or maybe you associate them with grandma's annual holiday decor. The tabletop Christmas trees with built-in lights and a star on top was a Christmas decor staple for so many years—you could even find miniature versions that plugged into the wall as a nightlight and two-foot trees that spun or played music!

The iconic trees gained popularity in the 1970s and now, more than 40 years later, they're making a major comeback. According to Google, searches for ceramic Christmas trees have risen 488 percent in the last 10 years. And since there was a several-decade lapse in production of the trees, original 1970s creations can sell for hundreds of dollars now. Luckily, companies like Target and Amazon jumped on the trend last year and began selling new versions for a fraction of the price, and we've rounded up the best deals.

To make sure you can display your own nostalgic Christmas decor, call grandma, hit the local thrift store, or purchase one of our picks.

Ceramic Christmas Tree BrylaneHome Nostalgic Tree
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The adorable vintage trees left the home decor scene years ago, but they’re making a comeback in a big way. Homeowners searching for that touch of holiday nostalgia are clamoring for these trees on Amazon, eBay, and more. In fact, larger models on eBay are selling for more than $100!

Ceramic Christmas Tree 17-inch Blue Ceramic Tree
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Etsy vendors have taken advantage of the trend as well, offering unique and rare vintage trees. Check out this gorgeous light blue ceramic tree with snow dripping off the branches.

Ceramic Christmas Tree Musical Figurine White Lenox
Credit: Courtesy of Lenox

We especially love how ceramic trees look on a holiday mantel. If you have modern decor, a ceramic Christmas tree will give your home a festive touch of whimsy. A green ceramic tree with multicolored lights is the most iconic design, but don’t pass up your chance to get an all-white ceramic tree for a subtler approach. The one above from Lenox has gold accents for an elegant touch. You can even find replacement lights if you’d like to have a glowing all-red tree.

The holidays are a time for love, family, and tradition. Bring back all those warm feelings you had as a child with a ceramic Christmas tree you can hand down to each generation.