The collaboration with Tipsy Scoop makes for a next-level summer treat.

By Mary Honkus
Updated June 29, 2020
Credit: Truly Hard Seltzer

Just when we all thought the spiked seltzer trend couldn't get any better, Truly ice cream comes along —and it sounds like the perfect summer treat.

Truly Hard Seltzer recently announced its collaboration with the boozy ice cream company, Tipsy Scoop, to create the first-ever spiked seltzer-infused ice cream flavors. The refreshing spiked frozen pints contain up to 5% ABV (the same as a can of their seltzer) and come in a four-flavor variety pack that features Truly's latest Lemonade Hard Seltzers.

The "Summer Seltzer 2.0" comes in Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet (strawberry sorbet infused with Truly Strawberry Lemonade); Mango Lemonade Sorbet (mango sorbet with lemon infused with Truly Mango Lemonade); Lemonade Ice Cream (lemon ice cream infused with Truly Original Lemonade); and Black Cherry Lemonade Ice Cream (lemon ice cream infused with black cherry liqueur and Truly Black Cherry Lemonade).

Credit: Truly Hard Seltzer

“No need for elaborate cocktails or homemade hard seltzer slushies when you could have an entire booze infused-dessert right at your fingertips, thanks to Truly of course,” Tipsy Scoop says on their website. The boozy pints sound amazing on their own but there's definitely huge potential to make some alcoholic-slushies to enjoy while socially-distancing at the pool.

Credit: Truly Hard Seltzer
Credit: Truly Hard Seltzer

Tipsy Scoop ships nationwide and is offering a variety pack of the pints with cans of each Truly Lemonade flavor on their website for $60. If you just prefer just the ice cream you can purchase the pints for $48.

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