Samuel L. Jackson has a message for everyone about the coronavirus pandemic.

Samuel Jackson
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Samuel L. Jackson has a message for everyone about the coronavirus pandemic, and he read it aloud on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week in the form of your new favorite children's bedtime story.

It's called Stay the F--- at Home and it teaches people to stay the f— at home during the coronavirus spread.

"The 'rona is spreading/ This s--- is no joke/ It's no time to work or roam," Jackson begins. "The way you can fight it/ is simple, my friends/ Just stay the f— at home."

The poem was written by Adam Mansbach, author of the book Go the F--- to Sleep, who called up Jackson one day. "We talked about what we could do remind people of social distancing and where we are in these times now," the actor said, speaking via video chat from his home. "So, he wrote a new poem, I read it, and we want to present it to the public right now."

It's message, like Mansbach's previous work, is pretty straightforward: "Now, technically, I'm not a doctor/ but, motherf—er, listen when I read a poem/ So, here I am, Sam f—in' Jackson/ imploring you, keep your ass at home."