Some devices could overheat and catch fire if installed incorrectly.

By Jessica Bennett
November 11, 2020
Ring doorbell with recall stamp

Amazon's smart-home brand Ring has recalled some of its second-generation video doorbells after reports of fire and burn hazards. The recall applies to more than 350,000 devices sold on Amazon and the Ring website between June and October of this year, according to a notice published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

When these devices are installed using the incorrect type of screws, the battery can overheat and ignite, causing property damage or injury. Ring representatives said the company has received 23 reports of doorbells that have caught fire; users suffered minor burns in eight instances.

A smart video doorbell allows you to screen visitors and track package deliveries, adding another level of security to your home.

If you purchased and installed a Ring doorbell in the past few months, you might want to inspect yours for potential fire risk. Ring officials say the problem arises when wood screws are used in place of the short security screws that are included with the video doorbell. Longer screws can damage the battery when securing the device to the mounting bracket, which may result in a fire.

To check whether your doorbell is affected by the recall, enter the device serial number, which is listed on the packaging and on the back of the doorbell itself, on Ring's website. Next, download the updated set of instructions and ensure you have followed all directions for setting up and mounting the device. Company representatives note that it's not necessary to return your video doorbell if it's installed correctly.

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