Rachel Platten may be in “total bliss” during her first pregnancy, but it hasn’t been without some painful moments.

Rachel Platten AMA Red Carpet
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The pregnant country star, 37, recently revealed on Instagram that she “cried for 30 minutes” after someone body-shamed her. “An (excited) acquaintance told me ‘wow your hips and butt look way bigger! So cool!’ UMMMM. Then I cried for 30 minutes,” Platten wrote.

“Because I’ve also noticed my body changing because DUH I’m making a human but I’m like ‘oh I’m being hard on myself no one can tell.’ But when she pointed it out publicly it stung so bad!” the “Fight Song” singer added.

“For so long I have had to keep my body a certain way and it’s NICE and freeing to just let it do what it needs to and I’m proud that I’m letting my baby get all the nourishment it needs,” Platten continued the post.

“BUT… Can we just put it out there that it is never cool to tell any woman their ass got bigger (or smaller). Just don’t comment. Even if you’re excited because it signals to you the miracle of life is happening – it’s still our bodies and it’s sensitive! Ok thanks as long as we all agree,” she concluded.

Platten and husband Kevin Lazan excitedly announced the news of their baby on the way on Instagram in July with the mother-to-be posting a bare baby bump photo.

When Platten shared the baby news with her fans and followers, she admitted she was struggling with vastly differing emotions.

“I am overwhelmed with love, joy and happiness about our baby. It’s a total miracle that I’m growing a human and my husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled,” she said. “But, I have also had an incredibly difficult spring and summer with serious nausea, exhaustion, constant sickness and all the awful symptoms no one wants to really talk about when sharing the ‘perfect blessed journey’ of pregnancy.”

She added, “Human emotions are complex. We can feel more than one thing at once you know? We can hold both love and wonder and awe and joy, but also frustration and sickness and fear and darker stuff too and it’s normal! With all the mystery and wonder around this, one thing that has been abundantly clear to me: this little unbelievable soul that I haven’t even met yet is going to be my biggest teacher in the world and I cannot wait to learn.”