Like uncle, like niece!

Princess Charlotte Sticking Tongue Out In Car Window
Credit: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte, 3, proved that she’s another spare heir with a mischievous streak at the royal wedding on Saturday, appearing to stick out her tongue from inside the car as she arrived to St. George’s Chapel.

Turns out, groom Prince Harry was known for pulling this move as a child. The royal, now 33, made a silly face out the car window after a visit to the hospital when his cousin, Princess Beatrice, was born in 1988.

Harry showed off his tongue again for the cameras when he arrived at a school nativity play with his mother, Princess Diana. Upon noticing photographers, he started to make a funny face out the car window before Diana picked him up to bring him out of the vehicle.

It may have been Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding day, but it was their young bridal party (which included Charlotte and her big brother Prince George, 4) that stole the show.

Jewelry designer Claudia Bradby, who attended the wedding with her husband, ITN anchor Tom Bradby, told ITV that seeing the children walk down the aisle was a highlight of the already-exciting day.

“[Charlotte] was amazing,” Bradby told the British television network. “It was sweet seeing the little posies of flowers.”

Although George waved shyly on the TV broadcast, a source tells PEOPLE that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter showcased her personality at the fairy-tale event, leading the other children at the church.

“Charlotte was totally taking charge of them all, but very sweetly, telling the others they couldn’t go down the aisle yet,” the source says. “Meghan looked over at them and smiled. It all felt very normal and very natural — not like a formal state occasion in any way. It was amazing.”

George and Charlotte joined eight other little bridal party members, including several of Harry and Meghan’s godchildren. The little girls wore floral crowns and white dresses, while the boys dressed in miniature versions of the Blues and Royals frockcoat, mirroring Harry’s military ensemble.

Kate helped the little ones in, holding hands with Princess Charlotte and another bridesmaid as they made their way up the stairs of St. George’s Chapel. Charlotte even reprised her over-the-shoulder wave from when she arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital on April 23 to visit her new baby brother, Prince Louis. (The little prince, who was born April 23, remained home during the festivities. Louis’ next big appearance will be at his upcoming royal christening, which will likely occur in July.)

The bridal party sweetly held hands as they proceeded down the aisle behind Meghan, escorted by Prince Charles.