Meghan King Edmonds is ready for her babies!


The former Real Housewives of Orange County star proved that even at 36 weeks pregnant with twins, mommy duty to 17-month-old daughter Aspen doesn’t have a pause button.

King Edmonds spent some time in the pool with her toddler with husband Jim Edmonds before two baby boys join the family.

“⚠Warning⚠: Use protective eyewear when viewing this photo! ?” she captioned a photo on Instagram, in which Aspen sports swim goggles while she dons some shades. King Edmonds, clad in a yellow string bikini, added the hashtag #36weekspregnantwithtwins.

The expectant mom continued to document her poolside day on her Instagram stories, sharing a video showing her legs and stomach as she lounges on a chair.

“I may or may not be naked, who knows anymore,” she captioned the post, joking about how her bathing suit bottoms are obscured by her belly in the shot. “I’m not even sure.”

Another snap showed Meghan standing in the water as Aspen climbs on the pool’s stairs, where she joked that she was wearing a prosthetic belly due to its extreme size. She then re-captioned the picture to confirm that’s her real stomach, with a heart drawn around it.

“Ps I’m measuring 47 weeks pregnant nbd,” she wrote. “So you prob don’t look as big as me but thanks for the consolation.”

The 33-year-old also shared a side view of herself sitting on a chair captioned, “RIP, lap.”

Meghan told PEOPLE that she had officially reached the discomfort stage of her pregnancy while 33 weeks along.

“I’m getting miserable,” she said, laughing. “I feel like the babies are like, in my ears. And most definitely in my lungs. I am really struggling with breathing. You can really tell in my Instagram Stories. I’ll listen to them back and I’m breathing so heavily just doing nothing. Plus, I can’t feel my legs. And bending over is, like, a thing in the past.”

“I’m so ridiculously pregnant, I can hardly move off the couch,” she added. “We just had a cleaning lady come today — I don’t even know how she did, because I’m too tired to look. That’s where I’m at.”

Making matters even harder is that the former reality star has to keep up with Aspen.

“I have a nanny and she’s been so good — and Jimmy’s been so helpful too — but waking up with Aspen in the morning, that’s even hard,” Meghan explained. “I can get her out of the crib and stuff, but going up and down my stairs is tough. I want her to be able to have fun and go to the park, but I can’t walk around the park anymore. It makes me sad. It’s a hard place to be.”

Luckily, Meghan’s situation is temporary. While 40 weeks is full-term for a single baby, twins are considered full-term at 37 weeks, with the average twin pregnancy lasting 36 weeks.

“I just left the doctor and basically, it could be any day,” she said. “Ideally I’d like to make it to 34, 35. They’ll be fine if I gave birth right now. They might have to spend some extra time in the hospital, but they’ll be fine.”