The stuffed animal and children's book sets are all inspired by real life rescue dogs.

By Kelli Bender
Courtesy of Amazon

Operation ResCUTE is here to save shelter pets, and they found the most adorable way to do it: stuffed animal and book sets.

Each Operation ResCUTE stuffed animal is designed to look like a real rescue dog who beat the odds with a little help from some kind humans, and the children’s book that comes with each plush tells the story of how that canine was rescued — plus, the amazing things the dog has done since they were saved.

It all started with a dog named Jingles, who was saved from the streets of New York City and has now gone on to encourage countless animal-loving kids to adopt their pets. Since Jingles’ story and stuffed animal likeness were released, Operation ResCUTE, a non-profit organization, has given several other astounding rescue dogs the same plush treatment, attracting celebrity fans like Kristian Chenoweth along the way.

The entire series of Operation ReCUTE book and stuffed animal sets are made to inspire the next generation of adopters, while also teach children the overall importance of charity, empathy, compassion and responsibility.

Still, that’s not even the best part. Along with giving rescue dog the celebrity treatment, and encouraging kids to rescue pets, Operation ResCUTE also donates 100% of their profits directly to animal shelters. It’s a win-win-win for rescue animals everywhere and an ideal National Dog Day gift for any animal lover in your life.

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