Let these stories be a warning to those who plan on throwing reveal celebrations.

gender reveal cupcakes
Credit: Jeneil S/Getty Images

Revealing the sex of your child should be a joyous occasion for you and your partner. However, things can end terribly if you don’t plan ahead.

As gender reveal parties grow in popularity, soon-to-be parents (and celebrities) need to take all of the necessary precautions before celebrating the milestone moment. Otherwise, your reveal may live on in infamy, like the unfortunate circumstances that led to these oft-tragic stories.

Iowa Woman Dies After Being Struck by Debris

Pamela Kreimeyer, 56, was killed on Oct. 26, 2019, after being hit in the head by a piece of metal that was part of a gender reveal announcement. Members of the Kreimeyer family had been testing different types of explosive material and had inadvertently created a pipe bomb, which resulted in authorities finding Kreimeyer, a wife, mother and grandmother, dead at the scene.

Explosion Shakes Homes More Than 2 Miles Away

Just one day after Kreimeyer’s death was announced, there was another explosion reported in Iowa, according to KCCI-8. Fortunately, no one was harmed as a result of the blast, but the Waukee Fire Department announced that the explosion was felt by residents who lived as far as two miles away.

Gender Reveal Balloon Backfires

On a lighter note, this couple went to bat for their reveal — and failed. In the clip above, reposted by Fox News, Instagram user Brent Murray captured these parents ready to pop a big black balloon, but the dad was seen swinging … then running after the balloon as it went rogue.

Air Cannon Injures Dad-to-Be’s Groin

This couple’s gender reveal video went viral for all the wrong reasons. The clip starts off with the expectant parents on a deck outside, happily preparing to launch their air cannons to announce the sex of their baby with blue or pink colors. Just as the soon-to-be dad’s air cannon shot out blue powder, signifying a baby boy, the back of the cannon shot right back at him in a not-so-sweet spot.

Arizona Border Patrol Agent Accidentally Starts Wildfire

The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service released a video of the exact moment patrol agent Dennis Dickey shot a “high-velocity firearm” at a target that was supposed to only release a blue or pink powder. However, the hit caused an explosion that sparked the 2017 Sawmill Fire (as it came to be known), which damaged more than 45,000 acres and cost more than $8 million in damages.