Family first.

Joanna Gaines' Christmas Decor
Credit: Laura Cavanaugh /Getty

Congrats, Chip and Joanna! The design duo is adding another little one to their family, and we couldn’t be happier for them. The newest Gaines will be joining big brothers Drake (12) and Duke (9) and big sisters Ella (11) and Emmie Kay (7), making the Gaines family a joyful party of seven.

The Gaineses have earned a permanent place in our hearts, in no small part due to their appreciation for old-fashioned family traditions. In September, Joanna told PEOPLE, “Family is the most important thing in the world,” and we couldn’t agree more. We’ve loved watching Chip and Jo build houses as well as strong bonds in the community of Waco, Texas, and we have also  treasured seeing snippets of their family, their traditions, and their joys on HGTV. Why? We’ll tell you…

1. They give back.

When fortune found the Gaineses, they immediately turned around and invested their time and talents in their community. Their show, shops, silos, and numerous other ventures have poured into the town and have brought visitors from all over to Waco.

2. They nurture their kids’ talents.

When we watch Fixer Upper, we get to see the whole Gaines family together, supporting each other and working toward a goal. When Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie Kay stop by to see their mom and dad at work, they chip in, help out, and always receive encouragement and positive feedback from their parents.

3. They understand the importance of friendship.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen Chip and Joanna support their friends in the Waco community. They treat their colleagues like family, and they champion the work of their friends, like woodworker Clint Harp of Harp Design Co. It’s obvious that family and friendship are things the Gaines family holds dear.

4. They appreciate a good meal enjoyed together.

Cooking together, spending time together, and sitting down at the dinner table together are things the Gaines family do often. Because there’s no TV in the Gaines household, there’s much more time to spend together making memories, especially in the kitchen, which we see in the delicious, family-friendly recipes Joanna shares on her blog, At Home.

5. They know every experience can be a learning experience.

Again, because the Gaines household is sans TV, their kids’ imaginations are always engaged. Whether playing outside or helping their parents around the farm, they’re constantly learning from their parents, from new experiences, and from the land.

What old-fashioned family traditions do you share with the Gaines family? Join us in sending best wishes and congratulations to the whole family on the future arrival of their newest little one!