A reboot is also in the works.
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Shopping Cart Running Down a Supermarket Aisle
Credit: Gilmanshin/Shutterstock

On your mark, get set, go! With those words, shoppers pushing big grocery carts race into an empty supermarket to load up as many groceries as they can. And if you know the items to go after include the big cuts of meat, baby formula, and wheels of cheese, you probably watched a few episodes of the classic game show Supermarket Sweep in the 1990s, like me.

If you've missed the rush you get from answering brand-related questions, like unscrambling product names, or cheering on someone trying to find a bottle of dish detergent in just a handful of seconds, we've got good news: Netflix announced this week they brought back 15 episodes of the hit game show for their streaming customers.

"I don't know who needs to hear this but 15 episodes of the iconic Supermarket Sweep are now on Netflix in The US," the company wrote on Twitter.

Supermarket Sweep first appeared on TV in the 1960s, when Bill C. Malone hosted it for two seasons. But it didn't find notoriety until the 1990s, when Lifetime hired host David Ruprecht to bring the concept new life. In 2000, the game show moved to Pax for four years.

How does one sweep in the supermarket? Three teams of two people compete against one another in quizzes and puzzles that are all related to brands you'd find in any grocery store. The prize? Cash and minutes on a clock. Those minutes are then used when the teams compete in the Big Sweep, two-plus minutes of pandemonium and grocery grabbing to rack up the highest grocery bill.

It's unclear why Netflix decided to bring back a random season of the game show, but it may have something to do with the Supermarket Sweep reboot that will be coming to ABC in a 2020-2021 primetime slot. SNL alumna and actress Leslie Jones has been tapped to lead the reboot, but a premiere date has not been announced.

Don't have Netflix? You can also catch two seasons of Supermarket Sweep (1991 and 2000) on Amazon Prime Video.