What do you think? Is it ever OK to skip the “thank you” note?

May 01, 2018
Multiethnic Friends Baby Shower Touching Belly of Pregnant Woman
Credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

A guest at a California baby shower inadvertently sparked a national debate over thank you note etiquette earlier this month.

The conversation began on Twitter when an expectant mom named Laura Turner revealed that one of her shower guests, a friend of her mother named Amy Arnold, surprised her with the ultimate gift: not having to write thank you notes.

Turner, 32, who is expecting her first child in June, recounted the unexpected turn of events in a now-viral tweet. “At my baby shower yesterday, one woman said, before I started opening gifts, ‘Can we give you the gift of no thank-you notes?’” she wrote. “And everyone gasped and I DIED and now I’m going to be that lady at every shower I go to.”

"At first everyone was kind of stunned," Turner told ABC News. "Pretty quickly it turned from a sense of surprise, to a sense of excitement at this new and relieving idea."

For the most part, people reacted similarly on Twitter, although plenty of traditionalists chimed in with their dissent.

Turner, who doesn’t plan to give up writing “thank you notes” in the future, admitted that she sees both sides of the argument. Nevertheless, she told ABC News that she appreciated the gesture, especially since she's had a tough pregnancy. "While I like writing thank you notes, to remove the obligation felt like such a relief to me," she said.

"Life is really busy and hectic preparing to have a baby," she added. "To feel the guilt piled up because people haven't received the thank you notes, it weighs on people. And so, the gift Amy gave was the gift of no shame or guilt moving forward and that's pretty huge."

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