"She came up with all the words herself and I helped her a little bit with the tune," Tom Rosenthal wrote on Twitter

By Robyn Merrett
January 30, 2020
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Credit: Santi Nanta/Shutterstock

Singer Tom Rosenthal has discovered that he is not the only musician in the family after his 3-year-old daughter penned a sweet, yet heartbreaking song that went viral.

Rosenthal shared Fenn’s song, titled “Dinosaurs in Love”, explaining: “My nearly 4 year old daughter, recorded her first ever solo song today.”

“She came up with all the words herself and I helped her a little bit with the tune. It’s called ‘Dinosaurs in Love.'”

In the song, which is exactly 1 minute, Fenn croons “Dinosaurs eating people,” with her dad serving as background vocals.

“Dinosaurs in Love,” Fenn belts out adding, “Dinosaurs having a party.”

“They eat fruit and cucumber/They fell in love,” Fenn sings as her dad asks, “Then what did they do?”

“They say ‘Thank you,'” Fenn croons before the song transitions into a much more somber melody.

“A bing bang came, and they died,” Fenn sings in reference to their extinction.

“Dinosaurs/Dinosaurs fell in love,” she continues. “But they didn’t say goodbye/But they didn’t say goodbye.”

The post has since filled with messages from Twitter users, commenting on how the song made them tear up.

“Fenn did a wonderful job,” one user wrote alongside a GIF of Will Smith fighting back tears in his film The Pursuit of Happyness.

“Yesss,” another fan of the song wrote, sharing a GIF of Oprah Winfrey passionately crying.

“Was not ready for that ending. Actually,” another commenter expressed.

“One day you’re eating fruit and cucumber and the next you’re extinct. Rough times,” a different person tweeted.

Rosenthal is a British singer-songwriter and composer.

He is most known for his tracks “It’s OK,” “Go Solo,” and his music videos “A Thousand Years,” and “As Luck Would Have It”.