And yes, the cookies are filled with M&M's minis.

By Tim Nelson
March 03, 2021
m&ms mint ice cream sandwiches
Credit: M&M'S

Winter may not be fully behind us, but March at least signals a turning point that inspires hope for warmer days ahead. That makes its arrival as good of an excuse to eat an ice cream sandwich, especially if such an ice cream sandwich could help you ring in March's signature holiday. 

Thankfully, that's very possible with the arrival of two additions to the M&M's Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich lineup, extending the reach of M&M deliciousness further into the freezer section. 

Fittingly enough, March marks the arrival of an M&M's Mint Ice cream Cookie Sandwich, drawing inspiration from both the green M&M mascot and St. Patrick's Day in equal measure. You'll find that verdantly colored ice cream between two chocolate cookies, each of which includes embedded Milk Chocolate M&M's Minis, because you know they just had to show up at some point in this process. 

For those who'd rather keep things more classic as the temperatures start their gradual rise, M&M's also has new Classic Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. The key difference here is the swapping of mint ice cream with vanilla, perfect for those who would rather stick to the basic elements of an ice cream cookie sandwich (with, you know, M&M's Minis thrown in). 

Whereas you might have to buy an ice cream cookie sandwich off the back of an ice cream truck one at a time, the good news is that you can scoop up each of these new offerings in four-packs from retailers nationwide starting in March. With a treat like this, it's only fair you share the bounty with the whole family, after all. 

So if you're sick of the house (again) put on a light jacket, grab an M&M Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich and pretend it's summer. Wait around outside long enough with an ice cream sandwich in your hand, and eventually you'll be proven right. 


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