What a cameo!
Credit: Scott Graham/Getty Images

An Australian zoo keeper found a unique way to entertain fans tuned into a livestream when he broke out in an epic dance routine on the zoo’s live video feed.

In the video shared to the zoo's Instagram, the zookeeper —  named Adam — showed off his epic moves in front of one of the giraffe exhibit, even pulling out a fan as a prop.

“Hang on, we thought this was meant to be #AnimalsAtHome?” the zoo wrote in the post, joking it was now “#KeepersAtHome” instead.

On the zoo's Twitter page, they shared a closer view of his viral dance skills.

The zoo's "Animal House" live series allows people stuck at home to enjoy the Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo as coronavirus continues to sweep throughout the world.

While the zoos remain open, visitor numbers are limited to 2,000 people per day and everyone who comes must have a pre-booked ticket (including babies), according to Zoos Victoria. Several events have also been cancelled, including animal encounters, shows, camps and keeper talks, and indoor spaces have been closed.

“This is to ensure our visitors can maintain safe social-distancing at all times (it's also a great opportunity to feel like you have the zoo to yourself!),” the zoo wrote in their notice. “As the situation continues, we have plans in place to ensure we always have keepers and vets available to care for our wildlife. Our teams already take extra precautions when they are unwell, and they will continue to do this as is our standard practice.”

In Australia on Monday, confirmed coronavirus cases grew to more than 1,600, including seven deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University’s tracking of the virus around the world.

Australia isn’t the only place where institutions have taken to the Internet to amuse viewers stuck at home amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. In Chicago, a group of adorable rockhopper penguins went for a stroll around the shuttered Shedd Aquarium and the city’s Field Museum let its own dinosaur ambassador, SUE, roam the halls of the museum, getting cheeky on Twitter to boot.