Amazon Brand Mama Bear Saline Nose and Face Baby Wipes

Parents on Amazon Say These Face Wipes for Kids Are 'Softer' and 'Thicker' Than More Expensive Brands

And they contain fewer ingredients.
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If there's one essential every parent needs on hand at all times, it's wipes. When your child is a baby, wipes are essential for diaper changes and cleaning messes on the go, but wipes can also come in handy for cleaning your child's hands and face as they get older. Regular wipes can be harsh on little mouths and noses, so parents typically turn to saline-based wipes to help with tough messes in sensitive spots — but the cost of them can definitely add up. 

That's where Mama Bear Saline Nose and Face Baby Wipes come in. They are affordable wipes from Amazon's own in-house brand, and you can get 180 wipes for a little over $15. At less than 10 cents per wipe, these are a very low-cost option.

Parents on Amazon compare these wipes to the popular leading brand, Boogie Wipes, and say they found them while searching for something similar and more affordable. "We have been an avid Boogie Wipes using family for some time now. When I saw this alternative, I was excited to try them," writes one reviewer, who later says that the wipes are "softer" and "thicker" than Boogie Wipes. Plus, you get double the amount for just a few dollars more, making this a no-brainer for parents looking for a more wallet-friendly alternative. 

Shoppers also point out that the Mama Bear Saline Nose and Face Baby Wipes actually have fewer ingredients than Boogie Wipes, which they found helpful for their kids who are prone to allergies and skin reactions. In addition to saline, the hypoallergenic wipes contain aloe and vitamin E and are made without harsh fragrances or alcohol.

With cold and flu season on the brink, parents will be cleaning lots of runny noses, so make sure to stock up on these wipes to get ready. Shop the entire Mama Bear line on Amazon, and check out the Mama Bear Saline Nose and Face Baby Wipes below.

Amazon Brand Mama Bear Saline Nose and Face Baby Wipes
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