Hillary Scott is basking in the glow of second-time motherhood—and she has a lot to be thankful for.

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Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and Family
Credit: Courtesy of People

The 32-year-old Lady Antebellum member opens up to PEOPLE in this week’s issue about her new family of five, which includes husband Chris Tyrrell, their daughter Eisele Kaye, 4½, and the couple’s 10-week-old identical twin girls Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn.

“We were taking it a week at a time. ‘When are we going to announce this news?’ Because I wasn’t sure,” says Scott, who previously suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with her twins.

“I’m like, ‘With Eisele, I carried a certain way. With twins, I mean, I might look five months pregnant by 12 weeks. Who knows?’ ” she adds. (Scott and Tyrrell announced their bundles of joy on the way in August.)

Scott tells PEOPLE there were certain aspects of expecting twins that “were actually easier than with Eisele,” and that physically she “felt so much better” than the pregnancy in which she miscarried.

“And because that was a long process, it took me a while to fully recover after the miscarriage just because it was physically and emotionally [difficult],” she explains. “This time around, I slept a lot.”

Adds Scott, “You [definitely have] double the fatigue. I was sick in the beginning and it was always right around showtime so I had to take anti-nausea medicine that my doctor prescribed me, which thank the Lord for that stuff.”

At the time, Lady Antebellum was on the road supporting their latest album, Heart Break. (They’ll hit the road again starting in July for the Summer Plays on Tour.) “I didn’t know if I would’ve been able to make a handful of shows because there just were some close calls,” Scott admits.

Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Newborn Twins
Credit: Courtesy of People

The new mom of three calls her new daughters “a double blessing from the Lord,” and says it was extra “emotional” to find out she was expecting two babies considering her previous loss.

“It was emotional, because I’m like, ‘Oh, we’re going to have as many babies in our house as I hoped we would have,’ ” Scott recalls. ” ‘It just isn’t in the same timing that I thought it was going to be, but we are going to have our three.’ ”

Expecting twins was extra special for the couple, who initially wondered if they may need to consider medical assistance after their previous loss.

“I remember Charles [Kelley] asked, ‘So did y’all have to do fertility [treatments]?’ I said, ‘No.’ Thankfully, we thought we would but we did not,” says Scott, who jokingly adds, “I said, ‘And no, we did not Google how to have twins. It just happened.’ ”

“It was just one of those things. I was like, ‘They’re meant to be here,’ ” she says, explaining that neither side of the family has a history of twins.

Scott says she became calmer around week 20 of her pregnancy, sharing, “I would have moments of feeling really at peace — ‘I feel great, I know they’re strong, I have an appointment, everything looks great.’ ”

“But in the beginning, you don’t go to the doctor a lot, you don’t do a lot of ultrasounds, so there’s a lot of faith-building in those first several weeks,” she continues.

“Hands-down, Chris was like, ‘They’re great, you’re healthy, they’re healthy … I have complete peace that these babies are going to be perfect.’ I leaned on him and my faith.”

Another reason Betsy and Emory are perfect? Having twins means the new parents’ arms are never empty.

“That first night after they were born [I told Chris], ‘It’s pretty cool we don’t have to share. You can have one, and I can hold one,’ ” Scott recalls. “We can each hold a baby all the time.”

This article originally appeared on People.com.