She's giving the traditional event a major update.

Kim Kardashian West Slicked Back Ponytail Silver Dress
Credit: JStone/Shutterstock

The Kar-Jenners are known for throwing lavish, completely over-the-top baby showers with novel themes (Breakfast at Tiffany'scherry blossoms), but Kim Kardashian's party plans for her fourth child are definitely a first in our book.

After telling the New York Times that she's "frantically" getting the new nursery ready and preparing for her second son has been "madness," Kim just wants to be able to relax once it's time for her baby shower. In fact, she wants to be so at ease, that she's incorporating CBD into the celebration's theme.

"This year, because I am freaking out so much, I just want a zen-like CBD-themed baby shower," Kim told E! News. "I just want massages, I want to do like a tea ceremony with crystals and we're going to have a drink at this baby shower — we're not pregnant."

Expanding upon her idea for the party's concept, Kim added: "This is the massages for all, like just meditation, calm before the storm baby shower."

For those who are not aware, CBD had a huge moment in 2018, and became one of the most popular ingredients in beauty. Derived from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD is used to treat chronic pain and allows you to mellow out — naturally.

During her interview with E!, the KKW beauty founder also explained why she decided to have a shower despite it not being her first foray into motherhood. "When you have a surrogate, for me, I realized that having a baby shower for Chi was actually so much more beneficial for my kids, because they saw people come," Kardashian explained.

"They actually saw that it was like, 'A new baby is coming.' They got so excited for Chi to come that way, seeing that everyone was coming to celebrate the baby, so I'm actually really doing it for them," she continued. Makes sense.