Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, just gave birth to her third child. And, as a mother of two already, Middleton knew how to prepare for the big day like a true pro.

By Stacey Leasca
April 23, 2018
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According to reports, Kate Middleton had already packed her hospital bag before the big day. And though it likely contained all the expected items, it also allegedly held a few surprise trinkets from her friends and family members.

According to a source who spoke to OK Magazine, Kate’s bag contained tiny gifts from her two older children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The source claims each of the children gave their mother one of their toys to bring along with her to the hospital to welcome their new sibling.

Another meaningful item Kate reportedly packed was a royal pendant, which was gifted to her by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. It was meant to bring her good luck in the birthing suite at St. Mary’s Hospital. For even more luck, the source said, Kate packed her mother's black onyx beads.

To further help with the birth, Kate was said to have packed candles and a CD with calming music, along with a Madagascar vanilla aromatherapy kit.

To pass the time the source said Kate packed a Kindle "loaded with the latest Booker prize winners and she likes to watch old Bette Davis movies."

And last but certainly not least, to make the birthing suite feel more like home, Kate reportedly packed three framed photographs of her family, including pictures of the Queen, her parents, and her siblings, Pippa and James.

Thanks to this packing list, her birthing suite sounds more like a spa experience than child birth. But, as Baby Center U.K. recommends, she may have also wanted to ensure she had some comfortable clothing options like pajamas and slippers, along with her favorite snacks, lip balm, hair bands, and her favorite pillow just for good measure. Though, odds are the Duchess is more than comfortable during her stay.

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August 24, 2019
Love the idea of taking the gifts from the older children for the baby. My daughter took gifts to the hospital from the baby to the two very insecure older children who didn't really want a new baby in the house but who loved her as soon as they received the gifts from the new baby.