The former Fixer Upper star released her first cookbook Magnolia Table in April 2018.

By Matt McNulty
June 12, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of HarperCollins

June 12, 2019

Joanna Gaines is back to work in the kitchen!

The 41-year-old mother of five revealed on Instagram on Monday that her second cookbook is well under way.

“After months of developing and finalizing recipes, we are excited to start shooting Volume Two of our cookbook!” Gaines captioned a series of photos of herself posing with her youngest son Crew, 11 months.

“Gonna have to talk with this little one’s agent about his on-set behavior….” she joked of trying to wrangle a squirmy Crew for the photo shoot.

Gaines’s first cookbook, Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering, was released in April 2018 to critical acclaim, receiving a Goodreads Choice Awards nomination for Best Food & Cookbooks. The book featured recipes like her famous biscuits, and similarly to the way this second cookbook is shaping up to be, also included plenty of images of the former Fixer Upper star’s family with husband Chip Gaines.

The fact that Joanna is releasing a follow up to her Magnolia Table cookbook is a surprise in and of itself, as the home designer told PEOPLE last year that she never intended on writing a cookbook in the first place.

“I never set out to get the opportunity to share my recipes with the world,” she said. “That was never something that I put down as a dream.”

In fact, Joanna’s first go at home cooking didn’t go so well. In Magnolia Table, Joanna tells the story of how Chip disliked her attempt at making her mom’s spaghetti because they didn’t taste like his mom’s spaghetti. “I almost choked on my noodles,” she wrote.

“That first time that I cooked dinner for Chip and he really ticked me off, that set me back a little bit but then eventually I got over it and was like, ‘Hey, I mean I gotta try my hand at this,’” she told PEOPLE. “So I think that’s why I have such a heart for it is that I really feel like this isn’t something that you have to be amazing at. It’s just the idea of getting after it, trying it, being okay with failing, but then there’s so much more reward.”

The Gaines opened a Magnolia Table restaurant in Waco, Texas last year and also own and operate a bakery, Silos Baking Company.

A release date for volume two of Magnolia Table has yet to be announced.


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