Jenny Mollen revealed her son Lazlo brought her an ’empty coke bag’ while they were in the park on his 1st birthday.

By Robyn Merrett
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While out celebrating her son Lazlo’s first birthday, Jenny Mollen revealed he stumbled upon an “empty coke bag.”

The star shared a photo of herself on Instagram Tuesday holding the small plastic resealable bag as Lazlo can be seen running off in the background.

Thankfully, the bag was empty and Lazlo was unharmed. While potentially a serious situation, Mollen, 39, saw the funny side and joked about her son having a “hardcore” birthday.

“On a scale of 1-Lotsie handing me an empty coke bag at the park, I guess I’d say he’s having a pretty hardcore 1st bday,” she captioned the photo.

Mollen’s park post comes just one day after Mollen’s husband and Lazlo’s father Jason Biggs made headlines for his son’s diaper.

On Monday, Biggs, who also shares 4-year-old son Sid with Mollen, shared a series of photos and videos on his Instagram Stories of Lazlo hanging out in front of the TV with what looked like a full diaper.

After receiving a ton of criticism, Biggs, 40, clapped back at parent-shamers in another video.

“Hey, all you rule dorks out there giving me s— about Laz’s diaper: I changed it, okay? It ain’t full anymore— lay off me,” Biggs said. “It’s 5:45. I’ve been up for about an hour.”

He added in a follow-up video hours later, “I’m still getting comments about my son’s diaper being full, from this morning, even after I made a post saying that I changed it and it wasn’t full anymore.”

In addition to his day in the park with Mollen and his father-son time with Biggs, Lazlo’s first birthday was quite eventful.

“Bloody hell, I’m ONE!!!! #lotsiemotsie,” Mollen captioned one snapshot on Instagram that showed the birthday boy from the nose down, posting a second one from above showing him playing with a step stool next to a small puddle of dark liquid and a stained rug with a coffee mug on top.

“Lotsie started his bday off w a bang by dumping an entire mug of cold coffee over his head while singing Life is a Highway,” wrote the actress and author alongside the second image.

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