Every nursing mom can relate.

Breastfeeding Mother Looking At Baby on Couch
Credit: Tomsickova Tatyana/Shutterstock

These days, everyone has an opinion about breastfeeding: when to start, when to stop, where to do it, and where an uncovered nipple should never be seen.

All this back and forth has prompted one new mom to take to Instagram and weigh in on the reality of nursing a baby. Her take on how hard (yet rewarding) it can be is letting other mothers know that their mixed feelings about it are totally normal and expected.

“Breastfeeding is never easy no matter what age they are," wrote Lillian Jamfer of @motherjamfar. "Sometimes I wish I can pull my boob off and let you have it so I can get a break and sleep throughout the night,” she added, talking directly to her baby daughter.

Jamfar shares her struggle, wondering if her daughter is old enough to no longer need breast milk. She debates waking her partner up so he can shoulder some of the work she takes on as a nursing mom. “Here I am still doing the opposite of 'making it easier' but that’s just me, that’s what I’ve felt being a mother is, a breastfeeding mother that is,” she wrote.

Jamfar is giving us major #momgoals with her message. “The best part of all the chaos, the hard work I put in, is somehow it’s always worth it in the end,” she added.