Stay safe out there, Hostess eaters.

hostess snoball recall
Credit: Illustration by Francesca Spatola; Amazon (1)

Back when millennials were children, it felt like there were a fair amount of ads for limited edition-flavors or crossover snacks whose premise centered on some sort of significant factory mishap. That's how Cap'n Crunch explains selling a cereal with all berries, for example. 

Though whimsical fodder for cartoons, those sorts of production mixups are a bit less serendipitous in real life, as evidenced by a recent voluntary product recall issued by Hostess concerning its SnoBalls. According to the FDA, it would seem that somebody somewhere screwed up, and SnoBalls made it out of the factory in packaging that was really meant for Hostess' Chocolate CupCakes. 

While that's good for a laugh in the abstract, there's a more serious issue afoot that merits the recall. Because these SnoBalls bear incorrect packaging, the ingredient list is wrong. For someone who might be allergic to a SnoBall ingredient like coconut, the fact that it doesn't list an ingredient like that could be problematic to say the least. 

The good news is that it only seems to apply to one particular single-serve batch of SnoBalls bearing expiration date May 27, 2021. No injuries or illnesses have been reported, but you can never be too careful. 

While those with food allergies do have reason to be concerned should they somehow run into these improperly labelled treats, you'd have to think that other folks might regard these as something of a collector's item. I mean, if people are willing to pay for whatever an "NFT" is, a blue SnoBall in packaging that says "Cupcakes" may be worth something to somebody somewhere. 

So stay safe out there, Hostess eaters, and if you happen to find any of these in the wild, the safest thing to do is probably dispose of the recalled product by listing them on eBay. 

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