Lauren Conrad chats about her ideas of the perfect gifts for new parents, parents on the go and more.

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Lauren Conrad Gift Guide
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon and Kohls

For: A Newborn

“We do little-knit alpaca pieces that are really sweet for boys and girls,” Lauren Conrad tells usof one of her favorite gifts for babies from her shop, The Little Market. “It’s little mittens, little headwraps and then little beanies with ears. I love those as a gift for a new parent because they’re adorable and I was a fan of anything with ears on it.”

She added of her 17-month-old son Liam James, “Poor Liam was part bunny for the first year of his life. He always had little ears because I think they’re so sweet.”

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For: The Family

“We just did family jammies, which I was really excited to do this year,” says the former Hills star. “It’s the matching set of pajamas for everyone in the family, including pups. We did two sizes for dogs. But adult to baby sizes, so that was one for everyone.”

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For: A Baby

“Rattles for smaller kids. I had a lot of those,” Conrad says. “Early on, when I started buying toys for Liam, you definitely want to do lots of colors and you want to have fun pieces, but you also want things that are pretty in your home because they slowly take over.”

“I really liked all of those pieces because I felt like they were perfect during the age, but I also didn’t mind them finding their way into my living room because they’re all so cute.”

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For: A Busy Mom

“I really like layering pieces, especially ones that are a little more polished-looking because it’s nice to pull together a look really easily but you’re still very comfortable,” the star tells PEOPLE. “I like those pieces for when it starts to cool down a little bit.”

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For: Parents on the Go

“I actually just got little markers that only show up on a specific pad of paper. It’s called a mess-free coloring book,” Conrad says. “If you’re on a plane or at a restaurant and they touch it to upholstery or a seat, it’s not going to mark. It only shows up on the page. That’s a nice one.”

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For: A Baby Shower

“For baby showers, the clothes are so cute. I always end up getting a little outfit and I do respect a registry, so if they’ve specifically asked for stuff, I will definitely order off a registry,” says the mother of one.

“But if there’s ever accessories or clothing, I always go straight for those because those are the most fun to buy and they’re so cute.”

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For: A Nursing Mom

“For breastfeeding, there was a handpump I was obsessed with, just because while you’re breastfeeding and you’re out to a long dinner, sometimes you can’t go more than a couple hours,” Conrad explains, raving, “It was the Medela handpump. That was great. Big fan of that guy.”

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For: Kids

“I just got him Native Shoes,” she tells us of Liam. “They’re rubber but look like a little tennis shoe. We’re by the beach so he goes down to the beach and he gets his shoes wet a lot and those are great because I was throwing away his Converse once a week.”

“These are so easy. I think you can actually put them in the dishwasher,” Conrad adds. “You can just give them a good rinse, dry them off and they’re great. They actually are very cute.”

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For: Frequent Flyers

“My mother-in-law, for one of Liam’s first flights, got a bunch of these little wind-up toys,” recalls the lifestyle expert. “She told us, ‘Don’t show him them until you get on the plane.’ It’s nice to have a couple new things they haven’t seen before so they’re interested in them.”

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For: A Healthy Mom

“I use Vitamix because he has a little veggie smoothie for breakfast. That, I use daily for him,” Conrad says of her morning routine with Liam.

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For: A Tired Mom

“Around holidays or birthdays, I usually gift my girlfriends spa things,” says Conrad. “Things like bath salts or scrubs because those are things you don’t usually think about buying for yourself but I know I always appreciate getting them.”

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