America: land of the free, home...of some very interesting museums! Enjoy a unique trip around the country by experiencing a few eerie exhibitions. Here are some of the weirdest displays in the U.S.

July 20, 2018

The Mutter Museum turns Philadelphia into the city of medical oddities. Guests can see 139 human skulls, slides of Albert Einstein’s brain, and a vast history of the human body. They say everything is bigger in Texas… including a surprising toilet seat collection! Praise the porcelain throne at the Toilet Seat Museum. Owner, Barney Smith, filled his two-room garage with over 1,300 hand-decorated commode covers. The themes range from popular TV shows to U.S. Presidents. When the lights go down on the Las Vegas strip, they’re laid to rest at the Neon Museum. The outdoor collage of 200 signs can be seen on 2-acres of sandy land. From quirky to historical, each of these coast-to-coast museum locations are worth a special trip.


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