Fans include Kate Hudson, Lily Aldridge, and Jenna Dewan.

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this bellys stretch mark mask is finally back in stock!
Credit: Courtesy of Hatch

It’s no secret that sheet masks have become a regular part of weekly (or daily) beauty routines. And that’s because there’s a mask for every type of skincare concern, whether you’re looking to stave off breakouts and blackheads or hydrate and soothe dull, dry skin. Sheet masks are traditionally face products — you know, the ones with cutouts on the eyes, nose, and lips — but there’s actually more to this category than meets the eye. Sheet masks for your hands, feet, and belly (yes, really) are very much a thing, and the demand for the latter is very much there.

Hatch’s Belly Mask promises to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and it’s so popular that it’s almost always sold out. It’s even amassed a (virtual) waitlist of more than 2,000 people who want to be the first to know when it’s available again. Well, the best-selling Belly Mask, loved by stars like Kate Hudson, Jenna Dewan, and Lily Aldridge, is finally back in stock, and it’s the best way to give your belly a facial.

Hatch’s Belly Mask was created with mamas in mind. Designed to target stretch marks that may slowly appear on growing bellies, the popular sheet mask is jam-packed with all-natural ingredients like aloe vera, which hydrates, soothes, and promotes regeneration, and propolis, a natural antioxidant that works to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars. 

Using it is just like using any other sheet mask you’ve applied on your face. Just peel off the back of the mask, smooth it onto clean, dry skin, and sit back and relax while the goodness soaks in. Leave it on for as long as you like, and once done, massage the excess serum into your belly, hips, and breasts (or whenever you need a little bit of hydration). 

Pregnant or not, the Belly Mask is a luxurious (and super fun) way to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your stomach, hips, and thighs. Shop it below before it sells out again.

Credit: Courtesy of Hatch

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