Classic board games like Clue, The Game of Life and Mystery Date get a gut-busting makeover with Hasbro's hilarious new collection.

By Jen Juneau and Anya Leon
September 27, 2018
Credit: Hasbro

Fans of adult-humor games like Cards Against Humanity are in for a treat this holiday season. The gift giver? Hasbro.

The well-loved toy and game company announced this week that they will soon be releasing a line of five parody board games, just in time for the holidays and inspired by their classic games ClueThe Game of LifeMystery DateSorry! and everyone’s first stress-induced memory, Operation.

Each new game comes with a hilariously relatable title, as well as new game play and objective — like Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas, which doesn’t sound entirely unlike the plot of The Hangover. You guessed it: six friends wake up to find one of their own missing from their hotel room after a night of too much partying.

Another player in the new lineup is Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis which, instead of drawing the “Doctor” card and making $100,000 right out of college, sees participants face the reality of “crippling debt” while navigating among life’s familiar everyday challenges like a botched tattoo job, dropping your phone in the toilet and calling in sick to work to get in eight extra hours of your favorite TV show.

Mystery Date: Catfished brings back an oldie but goodie, but this time it has been crafted for the 2018 dater — which means wading through the questionable world of online dating and trying not to get catfished.

Ever wonder what would happen if there was a gas leak in the exam room during surgery (who hasn’t)? Now, you don’t have to! With Botched Operation, you can practice the already-stressful task of removing the dreaded charley horse while performing a side challenge based on how you’re “feeling” after the gas leak.

Finally, the most hilarious title: Sorry! Not Sorry. This game encourages its players to steal their friends’ pawns to sabotage their chances at a win, with the added bonus of “Not Sorry!” cards to bring in a “Have you ever?” twist.

Hasbro’s parody game collection will be available exclusively at Target stores and beginning Oct. 1, retailing for $20 each.


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