"Well…this is what it look like."
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Credit: Getty Images

Three weeks after giving brith, Halsey is offering fans a glimpse into their life as a new parent — rainbow nurseries, tie-dye onesies, stretch marks and all.

On Sunday, the singer shared a slideshow of images of baby Ender and their postpartum body, captioning the photo dump: "Well…this is what it look like 🧸." In one snapshot, Ender sleeps peacefully while swaddled in a blanket, and in another, the newborn twins with his dad in tie-dye.

However, one photo in particular received all the applause: an unedited picture of Halsey's bare stomach with their postpartum stretch marks on full display.

Fans praised the 26-year-old for their transparency, with one writing, "Wear those tiger stripes proud mama!! Love to see it." Another added, "Finally a celebrity who shows imperfections after childbirth instead of a perfect toned body right after. You're such a badass!!"

Last month, Halsey announced the arrival of baby Ender with a family photo from the hospital on Instagram. "Gratitude. For the most "rare" and euphoric birth. Powered by love," they wrote, revealing their child's name and birth date.

Days before welcoming Ender, the new mom shared the cover art for their upcoming album, If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power, describing it as a compilation of songs about the "joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth." Explaining the meaning behind the photos — one of which with their breast exposed and a baby on their lap — Halsey wrote, "This cover image celebrates pregnant and postpartum bodies as something beautiful, to be admired," they added. "We have a long way to go with eradicating the social stigma around bodies & breastfeeding. I hope this can be a step in the right direction!"