Sarah Jackson was a mother to four daughters, and had taken them out to a lake on Labor Day when tragedy struck.

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson and her daughters
| Credit: GoFundMe

A teacher and mother of four friends described as a “supermom” died after she drowned while trying to save her young daughter in Georgia, according to a GoFundMe and local reports.

Sarah Jackson, 45, was taking her girls for a Labor Day outing at a lake near Lawrenceville when tragedy struck on Sept. 7, her brother James wrote on GoFundMe.

“Sarah’s youngest daughter (9 years old) was wading in the lake with others,” James wrote. “Unfortunately there was a drop off point nearby. She went underwater and Sarah attempted to reach her. Sarah ingested too much water and went under herself.”

Witnesses were able to successfully pull Jackson’s daughter from the water and administer CPR over a span of about five minutes, during which Jackson remained underwater, the page said.

Eventually, she, too, was rescued from the water by Good Samaritans who performed CPR for about 10 minutes until an ambulance arrived, though she was not responsive.

Jackson, a language arts teacher at Duluth Middle School, was transported to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead, the page said.

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson
| Credit: Duluth Middle School/ Facebook

“Unfortunately for Sarah, she lost her life being exactly what she was (and always had been), a good mother!” James wrote. “Sarah is a hero on so many levels.”

Her death was confirmed by the middle school at which she taught in a Facebook post that called her “a gift to our students.”

Patricia Jackson told NBC affiliate WXIA that her close friend — with whom she shared a last name but no relation — was a “supermom” to her four daughters, ages 9, 11, 13 and 20.

“She would want us to get it together and make sure her kids are safe and protected because that’s what she did,” Patricia said.

According to James, the doomed trip to the lake was a last-minute plan, as Sarah had initially meant to spend Labor Day in Savannah with her girls.

However, she had to rearrange her plans after she was robbed on Sept. 6 by a trio of gunmen who stole her identification, cash and credit cards, he said.

He added that his sister had triumphed over a series of lifelong hardships, including her mother’s suicide when she was just 2 years old and abusive guardians as a child.

“She was my motivator, my inspirator. That was my sister,” James told WXIA. “Each one of these children have a huge jump in life because they were exposed to Sarah Jackson, a very intelligent, strong woman.”