The toddler has been learning gymnastics during the last six months, and she clearly has some surprising strength to show for it.


Massy Arias' inspiring athleticism and never-give-up attitude continue to motivate her millions of followers and fans—and now, her 17-month-old daughter, Indira Sarai, is following in her mom's footsteps. (Related: Tess Holliday and Massy Arias Are Officially Our Favorite New Workout Duo)

Recently, Arias shared an adorable video of her toddler showing off her upper-body strength at the gym with her parents. The short clip shows Indira hanging from a pull-up bar, totally supporting her own weight for a solid 10 seconds while her dad stands by to spot her just in case she slips.

"I'm passing down the torch," Arias proudly captioned the video that's fittingly set to the tune of Eye of the Tiger. "My little warrior," she adds.

Turns out, Indira has been getting into gymnastics during the last six months.

Hanging from pull-up bars is just a small part of her gymnastics lessons. The adorable toddler's Instagram page (yep, this toddler has an IG account) features several videos of her trying to perfect her balancing skills, learning proprioception, how to roll, and how to be upside down. Hope you're ready for some cuteness overload!

"Indi has been going to gymnastics twice a week to learn proprioception and body awareness," Arias wrote on Instagram recently. "I am not sure if she will be following gymnastics on a competitive level, but it is so sweet to see her move this way."

While Arias' modesty is sweet, given Indira's incredible genes and already visible talent, it wouldn't be shocking if she had a mini Simone Biles on her hands—but only time will tell.