When Captain Chris Blazek of the Chattanooga Fire Department arrived at the scene of a car accident on Saturday, his duties went beyond making sure everyone involved was safe.
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Fireman Gear on Firetruck
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Captain Chris Blazek was dispatched to the scene after responding earlier in the day to a house fire, he said in a Facebook post shared to the department’s page on Monday. Upon arrival, Blazek encountered a “hysterical” pregnant mother, who was suffering abdominal and back pain, with her three children, who he said ranged in age from 4-months-old to 7-years-old.

“Both big girls were fine, but the baby was screaming hysterically too,” Blazek wrote. “So I took her out of her car seat and did a quick physical exam to make sure she was okay. She immediately laid her head on my shoulder.”

Soon after, he realized “that my guys had the scene under control,” so Blazek decided to “sit and take a break with my new friend. She immediately fell asleep in my arms.”

The mom, Blazek wrote, was transported while he personally stayed on the scene with the children before they were turned over to other family members.

“It’s moments like this,” he added, “that I am reminded, this is why I do the job.”