We found the best face mask lanyards for kids and adults to make wearing a cloth face mask more convenient. Shop the must-have COVID-19 accessory on Amazon and Etsy.

By Bethany Braun-Silva
July 21, 2020
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Illustration by Francesca Spatola; Etsy (1)

Face mask lanyards are about to be the “it” fashion accessory (as far as COVID-19 is concerned…).

Face masks and face shields have become part of our “new normal” over the past few months, so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing accessories to go with them. The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of 2 wear a face mask when outside, but the truth is, face masks aren’t exactly the most comfortable things for kids to wear. That’s where face mask lanyards come in. 

Face mask chains and lanyards have become the latest must-have right after, well, face masks themselves because they’re not only stylish but also completely practical, especially for kids who are likely ripping their masks off every chance they get. A face mask lanyard is an excellent way to keep your kid’s face mask from getting lost or misplaced and keeps it close so he or she can quickly put it back on when needed. Plus, lanyards keep the masks off the ground and clean, which is majorly important. We can see these lanyards surging in popularity if and when kids head back to school this fall. 

While parents will love the useful aspect of the lanyards, teens and tweens can take advantage of this new trend and get creative with the accessory. They can rock colorful beads or of-the-moment tie-dye, and the accessory might even entice them to wear their masks during a socially-distanced hangout.  

Of course, no matter what kind of face mask lanyard your kid is wearing, make sure it can be properly cleaned every day. We found the best face mask lanyards and chains for kids (and adults) that come in great designs, below. 

Emoji Face Mask Extender

Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $8.99

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This face mask extender can also be used as a holder and won’t irritate your child’s face. You can adjust the size with the convenient notches and it comes in a pack of different emoji prints

Colorful, Personalized, Adjustable Mask Lanyard

Courtesy of Etsy

Price: $10.00

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Kids love things with their name on it, making this beaded lanyard a great idea for getting a reluctant child to wear their mask.

Multi-Colored Mask Lanyard

Price: $7.00

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This colorful lanyard comes with an attachment so you can adjust it to the perfect size for your child. Plus, we love the cheerful color options.

4-Piece Napkin/Bib Clips

Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $9.44

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These chains have traditionally been used in dentists' offices and as bib clips, meaning they're sturdy and reliable enough to keep your little one's face mask around his or her neck. The flexible strap will be comfortable on sensitive necks, while the bright colors will make wearing a face covering more fun.

Face Mask Lanyards for Adults

Leather Face Mask Lanyard

Price: $14.50

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This durable lanyard is made with leather fabric and strong alligator clips, ensuring your mask stays safe and secure.

Personalized Leather Face Mask Lanyard

Courtesy of Etsy

Price: $24.00

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This personalized leather lanyard gives a sophisticated look to wearing your mask.

Beaded Face Mask Holder

Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $13.99

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This beaded lanyard is lightweight but durable and features a magnetic clasp that won’t rip your hair or skin.

5 Pack Extra Large Badge Holders

Courtesy of Walmart

Price: $16.00

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If it has clips, it can hold a face mask. This five-pack features a thick lanyard, with strong bulldog clips on either side for a secure fit.


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