Loreal Revitalift Serum

This Amazon-Favorite Fine Line Serum Is Now Red Carpet-Approved

One sells every minute, and it was behind one of the most iconic looks at the Golden Globes.
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In a year that's been anything but normal, last night's Golden Globes felt like a welcome, shiny reprieve. Imperfect as the award show was, the change of pace from humdrum weeks blending together was more than welcome — especially with the reveal that one of Amazon's best-selling face serums was behind Elle Fanning's dewy visage

The actress is a L'Oréal spokesperson, so her makeup artist, Erin Ayanian Monroe, used a medley of products from the line to create Fanning's Grace Kelly-esque look. But nothing looked more crucial than prepping her skin with L'Oréal's Revitalift Derm Intensives 1.5 percent Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum, which ranks as Amazon's second best-selling face serum (one bottle sells every minute). 

According to over 12,000 five-star ratings, it's an anti-aging wonder that gives you bouncy, wrinkle-less skin, even if you're older than Fanning's 22 years. With just one use, shoppers say their deep wrinkles become significantly less visible, two to three drops enough to transform their creased forehead and under-eye skin into a supple, smooth surface.

Loreal Revitalift Serum
Credit: Courtesy of Loreal

Shop now: $27 or $38; amazon.com and ulta.com 

One 50-year-old shopper says that after trying everything on the market, the hyaluronic serum earned "one and only" status for the way it's hugely minimized wrinkles. Some dub it "younger skin in a dropper," and a 72-year-old says it fills up their wrinkles so well, everyone should have it. 

Its effect on acne scars is no less impressive. Taking photos after a week of use, one person says their jaw hit the floor. "I can't believe this drugstore serum outperformed a $200, high-end product. I wish I had started using this 20 years ago," they continue. "All of my other products remained the same. I've had to deal with these ice pick scars for decades. Just amazing." 

Another person calls it a "miracle" and the "best beauty product of all time," thanks to a revealing two-week break without the serum. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, or at least prove what's working: Their skin was dull and showing fine lines after the pause, until a few days of using it again returned their skin to plump and glowing. 

A handful of shoppers second its miracle status, which means all the more coming from someone who embarked on a quest any beauty lover/skeptic is familiar with: Testing a product on half your face to see if it makes a difference. A 40 year-old who did so writes that it did indeed reduce her pronounced forehead wrinkle — but only on the half where it was applied (d'oh). 

But the serum's crowning achievement might come from one shopper with Bells' Palsy, who says they tried it for "major puffiness" around their eyes. Within two days, their husband says their eyes were symmetrical for the first time in nine years, and all their other signs of aging dramatically improved. "I just turned 30, and my skin easily looks five years younger already," they wrote. "I am now a believer and will never go without this product again." 

Grab the best-selling serum at Ulta, where a one ounce bottle runs for $27, or on Amazon, where you can get the 1.7 ounce size for $38.