Yes, there's finally a way to enjoy instant coffee.


As coffee shops enter another week of drive-thru and delivery-only options for customers, those of us who rely on caffeine for our daily lattes and iced coffees are looking for new ways to enjoy at-home brews. Enter dalgona coffee (aka whipped coffee), the solution to enjoying "fancy" coffee at home. A reverse latte of sorts, this trendy drink features coffee as the frothy ingredient to top your milk. Instant coffee (yes, instant!) is mixed with sugar and water and whipped into a fluffy texture before spooning over milk. The trend took over the internet with a TikTok video with more than 10 million views since posting March 14, and now it seems like everyone wants to make the creamy coffee drink.

This whipped coffee drink is supposed to taste similar to a toffee-like South Korean street candy with the same name that combines caramelized sugar with baking soda for airiness. To make the drink at home, mix equal parts of instant coffee, granulated sugar, and hot water (from the tap is fine). Whip or stir in a bowl until frothy and light brown. Just like making fresh whipped cream or meringue for pie, you'll see stiff peaks forming as more air gets beaten into the liquid. A lot of the videos show this process being whipped by hand. (This is how I first tried it, and I definitely got a good arm workout.) If you have a hand mixer, use it for a speedier process.

After the coffee is cloud-like in texture, spoon it over your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk for a sweet treat. (It can be made iced or with warmed milk.) Take a photo for social media and include #dalgonacoffee in your caption, then mix it up and sip away.

If you claim to be a coffee fanatic like me, just hearing the words "instant coffee" might make you cringe. But maybe this is the one way to drink it that's actually tolerable (and photogenic). It will at least keep you energized as you finish your workday from home or try out the latest celebrity chef cooking tutorial.