Build-A-Bear's Grinch toys are available on the shop's website now, retailing from $7 for The Grinch Feet to $54 for The Grinch Deluxe Gift Set.

By Jen Juneau
November 12, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Build-A-Bear

November 12, 2018

He’s a mean one, but he’s cute!

Build-A-Bear just unveiled the holiday season’s most notorious scene-stealer — the Grinch — as a brand-new plush toy, complete with his signature Santa suit for pillaging the town of Whoville in the middle of the night.

The Grinch plush itself retails for $25.50, while the Young Grinchcounterpart costs half as much, at $12.50. (Max the dog not included.)

Kids can also load up on accessories for their yuletide smuggler, like a three-piece Santa suit, a #TeamGrinch hoodie and more for him to wear while he’s stealing the last bit of roast beast.

For an extra $7, you can add six phrases to the Grinch plush that he will say when kids squeeze him. Some doozies? “What’s Santa have that I don’t?” and “It’s time to steal Christmas,” with the best possibly being, “Ho! Ho! … No.”

The toys come at a perfect time for the Dr. Seuss villain’s newest appearance in The GrinchOut Friday, the animated film leverages the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, with a supporting cast including Rashida JonesKenan Thompson and Angela Lansbury.

Build-A-Bear’s Grinch toys are available on their website now, retailing from $7 for The Grinch Feet to $54 for The Grinch Deluxe Gift Set.


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