Amazon is now selling Crayola kids face masks in five-packs for every day of the school week. Shop the machine-washable cotton masks here.

By Bethany Braun-Silva
July 15, 2020
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Crayola Reusable Cloth Face Mask Set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Crayola kids’ face masks are the perfect back-to-school accessory!

While we still don’t know if kids will be heading back to school full time in the next few weeks, one thing is for sure: They will need to be wearing masks, whether returning to school or out in public, for the foreseeable future. The CDC has made it clear that masks are essential in curbing the coronavirus spread, and Crayola came up with a fantastic system to help kids and parents feel safer this school year.

The beloved crayon brand teamed SchoolMaskPack to develop a five-day mask system for kids. The kids’ face masks come in solid vibrant colorscrayon prints, or fun Craymoji patterns in packs of five that are color-coordinated to correspond to each day of the week. The masks are made from two layers of soft cotton and have adjustable ear straps as well as a nose clip for a comfortable and secure fit. 

Now, for the best part! The masks pack also includes a calendar card for the fridge, which helps families plan what masks to wear on certain days, and a mesh laundry bag (to be labeled with your child’s name) so masks don’t disappear along with the socks. According to Crayola,  the masks are washed once a week, they’ll last up to six months.

You can pre-order Crayola’s face masks for kids now for $29.99 on Amazon, where you’ll also be able to shop the brand’s mask packs for adults for $39.99. They will be officially available on July 31 and will arrive between August 6 and12, just in time for school. 

Shop the masks below!

Crayola Kids Face Mask - 5 Reusable Cloth Face Masks Set Cool Colors

Credit: Amazon

Price: $29.99

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Crayola Kids Face Mask - 5 Reusable Cloth Face Masks Set Craymoji

Credit: Amazon

Price: $29.99

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Crayola Kids Face Mask - 5 Reusable Cloth Face Masks Set Tip Faces

Credit: Amazon

Price: $29.99

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